Meet Our Company President

Bing J. Carbone

I have had one job my entire life for the last 45-years or so (whose counting at this point!) and it’s been right here at Modern Plastics.

If that in itself is any indication as to how much I love my job, our employees, our suppliers and our precious customers -than I don’t know what else it says.

My grandfather (Joseph C. Carbone) started Modern Plastics back in 1945 in Bridgeport, Connecticut as a glass company (Modern Glass) because really, plastics was not even around back then more or less.

Oh how things changed over the years and my grandfather soon realized that plastics was a product line he knew would be big. He also recognized plastics would change the world. In fact, your life today as you know it, would either be vastly different or impossible without the engineering grade performance and medical grade plastics we sell.

Modern Plastics was a family business until 2006 when we decided to sell the company. We are now proudly part of North American Plastics (our parent company). I stayed on as President and it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my career.

You’ve heard the stories of how a company is sold and all of a sudden the company that was acquired is being told what to do, how to do it and mandate massive changes that just create chaos, confusion and irritated and unhappy employees. The parent company starts making these changes of the very things that made the company successful in the first place –and often disastrous consequences start happening quickly, and well, things can go sour very quickly for everyone.

Our business model is simple; we work in a decentralized business model where decisions are made at the local level (manager) of each profit center. If you think about this, it is a brilliant business model and makes sense. Who better than the employees on the ground floor so to speak, who are closest to the operation of the business, closest to the employees and most importantly, closest to the customers than the “local” employees themselves to make decisions best?

Our parent company trusts the leadership at Modern Plastics to make the right decisions. In fact, the autonomy that I am given to make decisions and run the business, is the same autonomy I provide to our employees. In fact, as I say to them, the only time I’ll get a bit perturbed is if they are “not making decisions for our customers” in their best interests.

For me, there is nothing greater, nothing more essential for the lifeblood of our business than our customers. I tell our all of our employees one thing when it comes to our customers, and that is, we will always have a “maniacal focus” on our customers.

I am hard-pressed to grasp what else we ought to be focusing in on other than meeting the requirements of our customers, listening to our customers (their needs not only now, but in the future) and making sure that their engagement with Modern Plastics is courteous, efficient, fast and simple for them to do business with us.

Oh sure, there is a lot to our business (and you’ll see that as you go through our website) when it comes to operational excellence like ISO certifications, bar-coding of all plastics for complete traceability, 20-year record retention, consistently being audited on many levels…so much more you’ll read about here on this website.
In my opinion, the success of any company is not about one single person. It’s the culture and work environment of the company. It’s the adherence of the core values that we talk about here of honesty, integrity, hard work, continuous improvement and respect for each other. These values are something we at Modern Plastics always talk about with new hires and in our team employee meetings.

I give all the credit in the world to our unbelievable and highly skilled workforce here at Modern Plastics however, if there is absolutely one thing I will take credit for then I’d say it is the team I have built here at Modern Plastics. Without their dedication to each other and this company and without the dedication to our customers, well, then there’s really not much to talk about and eventually that’s the decline or extinction of any company.

I want you to know how important you are to Modern Plastics and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to insure your complete satisfaction with our products and services.

.In fact, if there is something you need, and want to speak with me directly, my cell phone is 203.414.1559 and my e-mail is

Thank you for your business, and remember, we are here to help you and your business grow, thrive and be as successful as possible.


P.S. – YES, we have trees throughout our warehouse that symbolize (and provide an educational talking point for guests on our warehouse tours) the “GREEN” and environmentally conscious company we are.
Modern Plastics recycles virtually 98% of our plastics that occurs in our cutting and fabrication operations.

As an interesting fact, collectively our parent company, North American Plastics recycling division, recycles 100 million pounds of plastics annually -and that is kept out of landfills and turned into usable plastics once again.

Pretty astounding fact!