Who we “Modern Plastics” Are? It’s Quite a Story

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“I manage my business. My customers run my business.”

-Bing J. Carbone, Modern Plastics

Who we are?

We are Modern Plastics Celebrating 78 Years in Business!

We’ve been doing this for a very long time.

(and we’re very, very good at it!)

Modern Plastics started in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in June 1945 (even before “plastic” was a common word), when my grandfather Joseph C. Carbone opened the then, “Modern Glass Company“ – a one-man operation specializing in same-day installation of automobile window glass.

A pot-bellied stove generated all the heat that was needed to keep production going through the long, cold New England winters.

He worked hard, instilled core values and integrity into the business and his employees. He was a bit of a genius in fact, and I admired him greatly.

Joseph C. Carbone

Commitment to customer service was simple: “Whatever it takes.”

By the mid-1950s, “Modern Plastics and Glass Inc.” took advantage of an exciting new breed of materials known as thermosets and began carrying phenolics, its first group of plastics materials.

We continued that trail-blazing spirit in 1961, becoming the first of “the first” distributors of then, “Rohm & Haas” new Plexiglas® acrylic sheet, an inspiring, but relatively unknown, material.

It was a decision that would change the company forever.

Thirty years after we opened our doors, plastics consumed 90 percent of our business. Under the direction of the second-generation President during the seventies and eighties, expansion began first with a new facility in Rhode Island and later with several other locations in Massachusetts.

We embraced the future, incorporating advanced computers and material barcoding into every facet of our operations. Sadly though, we also had to say goodbye to part of our past and phase out the glass portion of our business in the mid-eighties.

Our History

ISO Certification

In September 2001, Modern Plastics became the first Plastics Distribution Company in the USA to earn an ISO certification :9001:2000 Certification (we are now certified to ISO 9001:2015). The company is audited annually to ensure conformance to the ISO Standards. Modern Plastics employs a full-time Quality Control Director, Kevin Daly, with continuous employee training throughout the year.

Medical Plastics Division

In 2003, Modern Plastics announced the formalization of a new “Medical Plastics Division,” where perhaps the industry’s largest inventory of “lot-controlled” medical grade plastic products is stocked. Modern Plastics is an approved supplier to major medical industry customers worldwide and undergoes rigorous internal audit inspections by those clients. Vince Griffin is the Global Sales Manager, Medical Plastics.

Today, Modern Plastics, now under corporate ownership since 2006, with company President Bing J. Carbone and a highly-trained and experienced staff, is poised for meeting the challenging requirements of its customers by setting new industry standards with faster advanced computer technology, material bar coding and certification of all plastic materials, huge expansions of our inventory and product lines, Kaizen management programs and rigid quality control standards.

In late 2009, Modern Plastics achieved ISO 9001:2008 (now ISO 9001:2015) and became the 1st plastics distributor in North America to become ISO 13485:2003 (now ISO 13485:2016) certified medical plastic distributor (August 2011).

State of the Art Plastics Distribution Facility

In late 2010, Modern Plastics merged it’s three satellite locations in New England to it’s parent company in order to fully direct it’s resources and energy into a single corporate facility in Shelton, Connecticut.

In early 2011, Modern Plastics moved into a world-class, state-of-the-art plastics distribution facility in Shelton, Connecticut, with a laser focus on medical plastics and high performance engineering stock shapes.

We are also a premium quality producer of custom fabricated plastic products in materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, KYDEX and most every other plastic material we stock. Modern Plastics also has a retail store for cut-to-size plastic materials and customer pick-ups.

We launched this new website in June of 2015 and will continue to add innovative technology to improved your user experience.

We celebrate 74-years in business in 2019!

That is quite a milestone and one we are so proud to have come this far. Also, scheduled for October 1, 2018, Modern Plastics expands its warehouse footprint with a 10,000 square foot expansion!

Although my grandfather is no longer here, I think back to him often and the hard-work he put into the company. It’s an amazing American business success story, and I’m proud to be a part of it along with our tremendous current staff and to all of those past employees with many years of dedicated service.

We’ve grown lot since 1945 because customers like you have put your trust in our company.

The rebranding of Modern Plastics!

Also in 2018, Modern Plastics underwent a branding transformation to elevate our company image and maintain our strong presence in the marketplace. Since we continue to evolve and grow as a company it only made sense to elevate our public persona as a trailblazer in the plastics industry.


Whatever It Takes

We still believe in doing “Whatever It Takes” to keep you happy and satisfied with our service and products.

And in all these years, that’s one thing that hasn’t changed!
Bing J. Carbone, President

P.S. Drop me a line… I’d love to hear from you!

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