Compression Molded Shapes

Not every application demands high volume production runs of standard materials.

Smaller quantities of high-performance compounds may be required. In these cases, the economics and flexibility of compression molding may apply.

Modern Plastics offers custom compounding and compression moldings of specialty high – performance engineering plastics.

Near-net-shapes are available in a number of custom formulations based on materials such as Techtron® PPS, Torlon®, Ultem®, Vespel® and PEEK®, Valox®, Cycolac®, Lexan® and many high-performance GE Plastics materials in common shapes that include rings, rods, plates, tubes and discs.

Modern Plastics welcomes both low and high volume inquiries regarding compression molding, along with custom requirements for materials and shapes other than those noted.

Many of Modern Plastics’ materials can be direct-formed for higher volume, smaller cross section components. Direct forming, while similar to compression molding, allows for tighter tolerance applications such as small thrust washers or seal rings.

Typical Fillers for Compression Molded Shapes

  • Glass-Fiber
  • Carbon-Fiber
  • Graphite
  • PTFE

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