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Tecapi Ultem - Ensigner

Tecapi Ultem – Ensigner

TECAPEI Ultem resin is part of Ensinger’s high-performance category of plastics. It is designed to stand up to the harshest and most severe environmental conditions.

Because of its strength and lightweight nature (it is lighter than almost all metals), TECAPEI offers significant cost and weight savings. The materials also are highly resistant to chemicals and can survive and perform in the most extreme of temperatures. Here’s an overview of the industries and applications for which Ultem is best suited.

Here’s an overview of the industries and applications for which Ultem is best suited.

Overview of TECAPEI

This material is a thermoplastic polyetherimide, which is made from high-quality Ultem® series resins. These are translucent in color and can offer excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. They also offer glass fiber reinforcement to improve tensile strength.

The material offers great heat resistance and retains all physical properties at high temperatures, it is highly stress-resistant, flame-resistant, and features high mechanical and dielectric strength.

TECAPEI also features a low factor of dissipation over a broad frequency range and is highly machinable with great finishing properties. A tensile test of the material showed that at 73 degrees Fahrenheit, it has a value of 430,000 psi against a test method of ASTM D 638. The tensile strength at break was 17,500 psi under the same conditions, with an elongation of 7-8 percent at yield and 40 percent at break point.

High-Grade Plastic

TECAPEI is a high-performance, engineering-grade plastic and can be created in custom colors with various enhancements for fillers. Its exceptional toughness, resistance to temperatures and the elements, and high finishing qualities and machinability make it a prime candidate for industrial, engineering and other applications across the board. This plastic is, in every way, a superior material that can be applied to almost any industrial need.

There are few areas where this excellent material cannot be used, and because of its lightness and tensile strength, less of it is often required than when traditional metals are used. This, in the end, results in significant cost savings as well as in equipment and appliances that are superior not only in performance but in durability as well.

Its compression strength is 21,900 psi at 10 percent strain and 2,200 psi at 1 percent strain. The Vicat softening point is 426 degrees Fahrenheit, its deflection temperature at 246 psi is 394 degrees, and at 66 psi it is 410 degrees. TECAPEI’s thermal conductivity is 1.5 BTU.


TECAPEI has a broad variety of mechanical and industrial applications. Some of these include the following:

  • Medical field
  • Electronic/electrical components
  • Microwave equipment and appliances
  • Automotive parts
  • Aircraft and aeronautics industry

Further Information

If you would like more information about how TECAPEI could be applied to your industrial or engineering needs, Modern Plastics is proud to be partnered with Ensinger to provide this incredible material. If you need more information about TECAPEI Ultem resin plastics for your industry or project, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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