by Bing Carbone

Some of our most consistent clients come from the medical industry. Medical product suppliers, hospitals, research institutions, clinics, medical schools and more all come to us for our ability to produce precisely-crafted plastic products in any medical-grade polymer they choose.
Throughout our multiple decades of serving the medical industry, we have fabricated everything from orthopedic implants to instruments to medical device components and anything in between. All the while we have refined our oversight and quality-control processes so that every single custom plastic fabrication item we ship is documented and certified to be of the utmost quality. Any medical industry professional can rest assured that our products can help them save lives with one less thing to worry about.

A History of Satisfied Customers

In the middle of the 20th century, Modern Plastics was pioneering the distribution of revolutionary materials like Plexiglas. As the century wound to a close, we expanded our focus to include custom fabrications that met the highest standards of quality control.
Much of our growing demand came from the medical industry that, similar to us, paved new roads for the ways plastics were used and implemented in society. Our ability to create machined or cast plastic parts for medical equipment was soon accompanied by instrument creation and eventually prosthetics as well as implants.

More Uses Than You Can Count

Plastics are relatively low-cost, lightweight, durable, safe and often sterile. These properties have allowed the material to make inroads into nearly every facet of the medical industry while opening up opportunities for lasting partnerships between medical professionals and us.
A patient can be kept alive thanks to breathing machines constructed mostly out of plastics. They can receive sterile injections thanks to disposable plastic syringes sealed inside sterile plastic wrappers. They can receive an MRI thanks to cheaper machines assembled partially out of plastic components.
A plastic intubation instrument cast at the perfect angle can help clear airways without worry of tearing the esophagus or breaking off a piece of metal during an intense procedure. Additives to the plastic can make it more malleable, more transparent, and antimicrobial or color-coded as the situation calls for. In short, plastics have helped revolutionize the medical field by making the industry safer, more cost effective and more adaptable to various situations.

Custom Fabrication with the Highest Standard

As a measure of our dedication to serving the medical industry with the highest possible standards, we became ISO 13485:2003 certified in 2011. Our certification compliance is audited annually so that our quality management and customer focus strategies are always being checked against objective, tested standards.
These standards also ensure traceability so that every fabricated product can be tracked back to its original source material using our in-depth barcode system. We subject our materials to rigorous tests and hold onto all documents relevant to testing, reporting, inspections and sampling. All of this documentation as well as the order processing requests are kept on file for a minimum of 20 years. Every box we ship also contains the relevant certifications to prove that you are getting the best, safest product possible.
All of these qualities in addition to our technical expertise, reputation and ability to ship worldwide have helped position us as a leading supplier of medical-grade plastic materials and custom fabrication medical products throughout the world. Visit our Life Sciences/Medical Plastics Division page to discover more about how we help improve the lives of medical professionals and their patients on a daily basis.