Modern Plastics offers many different sizes of Plas-Drill Bits available for purchase. These are special purpose, high-speed drill bits for use with plastic materials.

These drill bits are specially designed to drill all types of plastic. Produced in hardened steel, these Plas-Drill bits have a 90-degree point, 0-degree rake, and straight shank. Shank is reduced to 3/8″ inch on 7/16″ and 1/2″ sizes, all others are same as drill bit size. Designed for use in a hand drill for hobbyist or occasional use.

Purchase drill bits for plastic in the following sizes:

  • 1/2″
  • 7/16″
  • 3/8″
  • 5/16″
  • 1/4″
  • 3/16″
  • 5/32″
  • 1/8″

Additional Instructions for drilling:

Plastic requires special tools for drilling, routing, sanding and buffing. For drilling, use any kind of hand or power drill and tighten bit securely in chuck. Back plastic with soft wood, clamp or hold firmly. Use the highest speed available, up to 3000 rpm. When drilling holes 3/8″ or larger, a slower drill speed (1000-2000 rpm) will improve quality. Do not force feed. Slow feed as drill point penetrates second surface. Drill 1/16″ oversize holes. Holes should be located to provide at least 1/4″ solid material from edge of hole to edge of sheet. Use round-head screws. Tighten screws snugly and back off 1/4 turn to provide freedom of movement for expansion or contraction of the plastic.

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