Overview: Soft food filler valves, pistons, and valve body components which regulate the flow of products into packages must be FDA compliant, chemical resistant, temperature resistant, and wear resistant.

Problem: Even in optimal conditions, part failure due to fatigue may occur during production. In the event that part failure leads to the contamination of a product run, careful examination to insure the safety of the product must be done. Most food lines are equipped with metal detection equipment which can not detect plastic component parts.

Solution: Until now, when a food processor or other manufacturer needed a means of detecting the presence of a foreign substances in the product, they had no choice but to use highly visible colored materials for their plastic parts. TECAFORM AH ID ™ is the first commercially available thermoplastics that can be detected by the standard metal detection equipment that is typically used in quality inspection. This advance in technology will reduce the risk of product contamination, and help minimize the possibility of significant financial loss.

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