by Bing Carbone

Plastic fabrication is a fast-rising field. It can be used to create almost anything, from buttons to large machine parts. It is, however, a very specialized service that requires expertise and experience to properly produce. Plastic, for example, tends to melt and chip if not handled expertly and at the right temperatures. It can expand far more than can metal or other materials. The right equipment and tools are vital to its shaping. Here are four reasons why you might want to consider outsourcing your plastic fabrication.

Genuine Materials

Counterfeiting is a major issue in the plastic fabrication field. A reputable company with lots of experience is sure to have information on the proper costs and will be an authorized dealer for any kind of plastic you may want to use. Such companies can also educate you on how to recognize the real thing so you can avoid counterfeit materials in the future.

Handling Heat

It’s no secret that plastic melts when exposed to high temperatures. You need to have your plastic materials fabricated using machinery whose temperature will not rise to the melting point of whatever kind of plastic you’re using.
If you are not 100% comfortable with the relationship between heat and cutting materials, tools, tolerance and cooling systems, outsourcing your fabrication services will ensure that you get expert support and your parts will be high quality with a very small margin of error. Remember, an experienced plastic fabrication company will be trained with a proven track record of dealing with these inherent issues.

Best Practices

A qualified plastic fabricator is familiar with the best practices to turn, thread, tap and drill plastic parts. You want your component to be optimal for its use and minimize the stress and distortion of the material. The right machine shop will have a broad inventory of equipment for CNC turning, milling, screwing and drilling and any other operation you might need. Their range of equipment and expertise in service will ensure that they also can offer fast delivery as well as high quality and precision engineering.

Secondary Processing

Is your component going to be fitted to another piece? Will it need to be painted or receive other surface modification or secondary processing systems? Some plastic machine shops will offer such secondary systems, and if they don’t, they may well know where to acquire them.
Hiring an expert plastics service firm not only provides great materials and outstanding results, but they can be an important networking contact as well. When the time comes that you need to apply other services to your plastic parts, you’ll be thankful to have such a knowledgeable and expert contact upon whom you can call.
There are many reasons why plastic fabrication should be outsourced rather than handled in-house. Overall, this is a very specialized field. We have the right equipment, expertise in handling temperature and best practice issues, and will know how to spot counterfeit materials while ensuring that you get the genuine article. Check out the services we offer and get in touch with us for more information today!