TECAFORM® MT, Polyoxymethylene (Copolymer Acetal), manufactured by Ensinger is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic offering high strength, stiffness and toughness. TECAFORM® MT is typically used in the medical plastics industry and food technology. The material is physiologically harmless and FDA compliant.

TECAFORM® MT is easy to machine, offers no centerline porosity, provides chemical resistance to solvents and fuels, and has excellent mechanical properties.

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Modern Plastics stocks an exceptionally large array of TECAFORM® MT rod products in a variety of diameters and colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, rust, grey, hot pink, and black. All materials are lot-controlled, barcoded and warehoused in clean, controlled climate storage areas.

Applications include:

  • Medical Instrument handles
  • Knee trials
  • Prosthesis part testing
  • Gears
  • Housing parts
  • Friction strips
  • Plugs Insulators

TECAFORM® MT is a registered trademark of Ensinger Industries.

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