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Ultra-Detectable Engineering Plastics

Ultra detectable engineering plastics are a new weapon of the food industry.
These revolutionary ultra detectable materials increase productivity and safety and might be the most versatile food industry materials yet.

There are three methods of quality control used in food industry applications to keep food production free from foreign particles

  • Optical
  • Metal
  • X-ray detection 

Ensinger Industries provides solutions in plastics for each of these scanning scenarios. Distributed by Modern Plastics, Ensinger’s UD Blue line is the first line of materials to address all of these methods.


TECAFORM® UD Blue is a porosity-free Acetal copolymer produced in an FDA compliant blue color.

It is specially formulated to be both metal and X-Ray detectable and production line optical scanning equipment can quickly identify the blue colorant.

TECAFORM® UD Blue Product Page


TECAPEEK® UD Blue is a high-temperature polymer capable of withstanding long term service temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. With excellent strength, chemical and wear resistance, this material is well suited for a variety of food applications.

Special high-visibility fillers make it possible to detect particles to 1mm thick. The material is easily to machine, provides excellent chemical and wear resistance, and is FDA compliant.

TECAPEEK® UD Blue was initially designed for high temperature applications and for scraper blades where high wear from items like sugar and other ingredients can be an issue.

TECAPEEK® UD Blue Product Page

HYDEX 4101 UD BLUE Modern Plastics
HYDEX® 4101 UD

HYDEX® 4101 UD Blue exhibits the excellent physical properties of the polyester family, including good dimensional stability, good impact strength as well as excellent resistance to chlorine and caustic cleaning solutions.

HYDEX® 4101 UD – Product Page

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