Precision Plastic Cutting

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it!

The fact of the matter is that cutting plastics, isn’t that easy of a thing to do -yet that is where we excel and can assist you.

Modern Plastics is well-known throughout the industry for its extremely tight tolerance and superior finish plastics cutting capabilities.

With our 70-years of plastic cutting experience, we’ve developed a host of quality control procedures and “proprietary” cutting techniques that greatly reduce bowing and internal material stress, in even the most difficult to cut plastic materials.

Our large, computer-controlled cutting equipment is “certified calibrated” frequently, and inspected daily to insure that we deliver a smooth, precise, close-tolerance cut.

The benefits of our precision, close-tolerance plastics cutting capabilities include:

  • Reduced consumer costs by utilizing yield optimization software to analyze and improve cut yield percentages
  • Material barcoding assures that all materials you order are cut from the same batch and lot numbers and/or manufacture brand you specify!
  • Specifications as close as +/- .005″ inch
  • Reduced machining costs
  • Repeat jobs, that are cut to exact first-time tolerances from prior CAD input
  • Proprietary cutting techniques that are used to reduce internal stress and prevent bowing of plastic materials

And because we precision-cut your plastics materials to exact size, you’ll not incur any extra material costs for material you don’t need. Just another way Modern Plastics is Setting the Standards in Plastics Distribution!

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