Plexiglas® MC DP-32 Flair® Design Pattern Acrylic Sheet is the authentic, world-renowned, quality brand-name general purpose acrylic product offered to you by Modern Plastics.

DP-32 is the Flair® Design Pattern which is a form of plexiglas® MC sheet with a ripple pattern on both sides and is used for many purposes including patio table tops.

A lightweight material having outstanding weatherability, high impact resistance, good chemical resistance, excellent thermoforming and good machinability.

Plexiglas® MC grade acrylic sheet is made by a proprietary continuous process known as melt-calendaring. It offers many of the same high-quality features as Plexiglas® G grade sheet, and also has exceptional thickness tolerance and can be thermoformed to greater detail.

Plexiglas® is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, thickness, sheet size and grades.

Purchase DP-32 Acrylic Table Tops in the following sizes:

  • .118″ x 12″ x 12″
  • .125″ x 12″ x 12″

Other attributes of Plexiglas® Non-Glare Acrylic Sheet product include:

  • Easy to machine
  • Non-Glare finish on one side
  • Excellent sound abatement properties
  • Can be cold and hot formed
  • Superior insulating properties
  • Less than 50% as heavy as glass
  • Absorbs more ultraviolet (UV) energy than ordinary glass

Engineering specifications for Plexiglas® MC Acrylic Sheet Products:

  • Tensile Strength – 10,200 psi
  • Compressive Strength – 16,000 psi
  • Water Absorption (saturation) – 0.1%
  • Continuous Service Temperature – .170°F-190°F in (.236″ gauge data)
  • Read datasheet for chemical resistance information
  • Flammability rating UL94:HB (.236″ gauge data)

Read about DP-32’s physical properties.

Read the material safety data sheet.

Material Notes:

Install Plexiglas® sheet away from sources of intense heat or flame. Observe building code stipulations and restrictions. In order to maintain the brilliant luster of Plexiglas® sheet and to avoid scratching, proper cleaning techniques are required.

Use only approved Modern Magic® MicroFiber cleaning cloths and our line of (Novus®) acrylic polishes and scratch removers for usage on all acrylic sheet products.

Important: Plexiglas® acrylic sheet products are sold with either a paper masking (PM) or a green film-masking (FM). These peel off coverings protect both sides of the material from scratching during handling. Paper-masking costs a bit more then film-masking, but you are assured of the best protection of the acrylic sheet. Paper-masking, however, does take a bit more labor to peel off then the film masking.

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