Hydex 4101

HYDEX® 4101 is a very stable chemical compound that can withstand high impact without deterioration. It is approved for direct contact with food by the FDA and is ideal for machined parts in food processing equipment. HYDEX® 4101 has excellent resistance to typical cleaning chemicals such as chlorine and caustic solutions and has a very low moisture absorption rate, as much as 15 times less than nylon.

HYDEX® 4101 exhibits a broad range of outstanding properties for a variety of applications, especially in the food processing industry. It is ideal for applications such as cams, bearings, gears, food pistons, wear strips, scraper blades, valve bodies and conveyor components.

Hydex® 4101 Properties Include:

  • Good chemical resistance properties
  • High impact strength
  • FDA Approved for use in food processing
  • A wear factor up to 50% better then PET-P
  • Very low moisture absorption rate
  • Excellent machining qualities
  • No center line porosity


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