KYDEX® 6200

KYDEX® 6200 sheet By SEKISUI


KYDEX® 6200 sheet is a proprietary, high performance thermoplastic sheet designed for use in mass transit vehicles such as subways, vans, buses and trains.

General Information

KYDEX® 6200 meets both Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Federal Rail Administration (FRA) requirements for smoke emission and flammability as tested under ASTM E-662 and ASTM E-162. It is the ideal thermoplastic to solve your mass transportation equipment needs.

Suggested Applications

  • Seatbacks
  • Window Reveals
  • Bulkhead Components
  • Ceiling Components


  • Available in over 200 developed colours, various textures and thicknesses from 0.71mm (0.028”) and up
  • Easy to clean graffiti/spray paint, lipstick, pen, grease and grime with cleaners such as Soft Scrub®, Fantastic®, and citrus-based cleaners such as Cirti Kleen HD® (avoid ammoniated cleaners)
  • Resistant to a wide range of concentrated chemicals and solvents, withstands frequent cleaning without staining or fading
  • Forms to deep draws with low forces when heated to the upper range of 163 – 200°C (325 – 392°F) and an unusually high resistance to hot tearing
  • Can be formed on all standard presses and cut on all standard die-cutting machines

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