Kydex® Electrical Applications

Kydex®conductive sheet products are formulated for manufacturers of electrical and electronic components and original equipment which require conductive housings, material handling totes, bins, floor mats, and other related items to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

To this end, manufacturers often utilize metal housings, thermoplastic housings lined with foil, or thermoplastic housings that contain a conductive additive, to route potentially harmful currents away from sensitive components to a ground connection.

Kydex®conductive sheet can offer lower cost and easier recycling than metal and foil-lined housings, and superior formability and mechanical properties to other filled thermoplastics. Unlike many other conductive sheet products, Kydex®conductive sheet retains its conductance even after thermoforming or membrane pressing, making it superior for a broad variety of three-dimensional components as well as fabricated and laminated products.

Recommended Grades:

Super tough, durable Kydex® 100AS, a proprietary alloy sheet, brings new dimensions to anti-static protective materials in: formability, rigidity, breakage resistance, and chemical resistance. This sheet is available in standard and custom gauges from .028″ (.71mm) and up, in many distinctive textures and hundreds of colors. Unlike other anti-static thermoplastic sheets, Kydex® 100AS retains its anti-static properties even after thermoforming.

Download the Kydex® 100AS Fact Sheet for more information.

Kydex® GND is a proprietary thermoplastic sheet that offers a surface resistance of 105 Ohms/square, while retaining the excellent forming properties of Kydex®. Kydex® GND offers more uniform forming with less wall thinning, greater detail, and significantly greater resistance to a broad range of corrosive chemicals and cleaning solutions.

Download the Kydex® GND Fact Sheet for more information.

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