KYDEX® V Thermoplastic Sheet by Sekisui

KYDEX® V Thermoplastic Sheet by Sekisui is a recycled grade of a proprietary thermoplastic sheet that is cost competitive with other grades of thermoplastic sheet while offering improved performance.

General Information

KYDEX® V is particularly well suited for hidden or painted parts since it has some degress of color variability. It is only available in Black (52114), in thicknesses from 1.00mm (0.040”) and up, and in a limited number of textures.

Suggested Applications

  • Equipment Housings
  • Miscellaneous Applications


  • Offered in thicknesses 0.71mm (0.028”) and up
  • Available in rollstock at 1.00mm (0.040”) and in sheet stock in all thicknesses
  • Available in black only
  • Available in 7 distinctive textures
  • Excellent forming properties, uniform wall thicknesses and crisp detail
  • Easy machining and fabricating using conventional methods and equipment

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