Lexan™ MR10 Sheet

Distributed by Modern Plastics, Lexan™ MR10 sheet has exclusive abrasion-resistant MARGARD™ II coating, which provides a high level of resistance to abrasion and defies graffiti, on both sides to help ensure a “like-new” appearance for many years to come.

MARGARD II coating now incorporates enhanced UV protection to protect the sheet from the debilitating effects of sunlight. As a result, Lexan™ MR10 sheet is accompanied by extended warranties that can help long-term product performance.

Notable properties:

  • Virtually unbreakable.
  • High light transmission common to all Lexan™ sheet products.
  • Easily maintained without marring, hazing or yellowing.
  • Complies with major model building codes.
  • Only material recommended by GE for use in residential vertical glazing applications.
  • 10-year limited written warranty against breakage, yellowing, loss of light transmission and coating delamination.
  • 15-year limited written warranty against yellowing and light transmission for qualified dual-glazed systems.

Lexan™ MR10 sheet is an excellent candidate for glazing of high-traffic and high-impact areas such as:

  • Educational institution
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Storefronts and windows
  • Low-level physical attack areas
  • Entrance doors and patios
  • Hurricane protection
  • Railings
  • Sound barriers

Gauges: .118″, .177″, .236″, .375″, .500″
Standard Widths: 24″ minimum, 96″ maximum
Standard Lengths: 96″ maximum
Standard Colors: Clear, Grey, Greylite, Bronze and Light Green (custom colors also available).

Lexan™ MR10 sheet is for transparent applications only. Paint, adhesives, and other materials will not adhere to its surface because of its high mar resistance. The coating is applied to both sides, thereby helping to eliminate second-surface decoration. Also due to its mar-resistant coating, Lexan™ MR10 sheet cannot be cold-formed. The sheet is intended for flat applications only.

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