Lexan® Polycarbonate Sheet

The toughest glazing material on the market!

Modern Plastics is one of the largest distributors of Lexan polycarbonate sheets. Our company motto is “Whatever it takes” to keep you happy and satisfied with our service and products.

All Lexan® polycarbonate sheet products are warranted against breakage for 3 years. Also available with a state-of-the-art silicone hard-coat surface, MR10 delivers abrasion and scratch resistance that is comparable to glass. Its ten-year warranty against coating failure also guarantees its enduring good looks.

Sabic Innovative Plastics water-clear, high-impact mar resistant Lexan® polycarbonate sheet provides the widest range of properties of all the glazing materials available today.

It is known for its clarity, safety, security and energy savings, as well as, for its ease of design. Over the past 12 years, it has been used in thousands of structures around the world.

In fact, Lexan® polycarbonate sheet, according to Sabic Innovative Plastics, was cold formed, drilled and installed on site at the Gradski Stadium in Split, Yugoslavia. This is the largest roofing structure of its kind in the world and the entire project was completed on site in 12 weeks.

Lexan® also offers:

  • Weatherability – It provides excellent clarity, light transmission and UV Stability for added durability.
  • Energy Savings – It can lower heating and air conditioning costs because it insulates better than glass.
  • Code Compliance – It provides the highest Class CC-1 rating for approved light transmitting plastics under all three major model building codes.

It is simply the right choice at the right price for any project that needs to be done right.

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