Product Description

SunGardTM is a weatherable polycarbonate sheet that combines the impact strength of polycarbonate with outstanding ultra-violet (UV) stability. SunGard’s unique properties make it the perfect choice for a variety of exterior sign applications. SunGard LD is a light-diffusing sheet solution specifically formulated for LED backlighting.

Value Solution

SunGard utilizes a unique extrusion process which imparts ultra-violet resistance directly into the polycarbonate structure. This process allows SunGard to resist hazing, yellowing, and other weathering effects like loss of light diffusion even after years of outdoor exposure; and, since it is polycarbonate, SunGard boasts a high impact strength, creating durable, long-lasting pieces. The material can be easily painted or silkscreened using standard materials and techniques for a variety of signage applications.

Key Characteristics

The primary features and benefits of SunGard weatherable sheet are:

  • High impact strength – Creates tough, durable parts; maintains impact strength even after prolonged outdoor exposure
  • UV-Resistance – Resistant to surface hazing, discoloration and other weathering effects like loss of light diffusion capabilities even after prolonged outdoor exposure
  • Light Diffusion – SunGard LD is specifically formulated for applications which utilize LED backlighting for strong, even light transfer

Markets and End-Use Applications


For flat or thermoformed outdoor sign faces, channel letter faces, decorated substrates, and other backlit interior and exterior sign applications

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