TECAPEEK™ Classix™

TECAPEEK™ Classix™ is an ultra-high performance biocompatible thermoplastic, the mechanical properties of which are comparable with those of TECAPEEK™ and TECAPEEK™ MT.

Polyaryletherketone belongs to the group of polymers which have the best chemical resistance and biocompatibility. It shows a particularly good combination of strength, rigidity, toughness and hardness, which proves ideal for medicinal-technical applications.

The polymer can be processed and shaped using customary processes, such as injection molding, extrusion, machining and compression molding. This gives manufacturers of medical products and applications wide-ranging flexibility in design and manufacture.

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TECAPEEK™ Classix™ properties profile:

  • Extremely good chemical resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Excellent abrasion and impact strength
  • Can be frequently and repeatedly sterilized with conventional methods (hot steam, gamma radiation, plasma and ethylene oxide) without interfering with the mechanical properties
  • Extreme resistance to hydrolysis, even at high temperatures
  • Can be produced as thin wall tubes
  • Standard color is currently creamy-white, further colors and modifications upon request.

TECAPEEK™ Classix™ is suitable for medical applications requiring 24 hours to 30 day maximum blood contact. It is unsuitable, however, for applications in permanent implants, which are in contact with blood or tissue for longer than 30 days. For requirements which go beyond this, PEEK OPTIMA™ is available from INVIBIO® Ltd.

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TECAPEEK™ Classix™ is a registered trademark of ENSINGER-HYDE.

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