Tecapeek™ VF

Modern Plastics offers TECAPEEK™ VF (PEEK), the answer to the increasing market demand combined with the well tried characteristics of TECAPEEK™ and a new dimension of processability. If increasing safety and material requirements have to be combined with low volumes and thin walled parts, TECAPEEK™ VF is the optimised material choice.

Offering approvals for aerospace and medical technology, vacuum formed TECAPEEK™ VF is a very cost efficient alternative for low volume applications in these industries.

Properties of Tecapeek™ VF:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Good tribological properties
  • Biocompatibility
  • Good sterilisation characteristics
  • Inherently flame resistant
  • Approved for aerospace applications

Download the Tecapeek™ VF fact sheet.

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