TECASON P MTTECASON® P MT is a polyphenylsulfone suited primarily to applications in the medical industry. It is in the same performance category as products like Polysulfone and ULTEM® polyetherimide. TECASON® P MT has improved performance in terms of temperature, impact strength and chemical resistance. TECASON® P MT also has exceptional resistance to repeated steam autoclaving without loss of dimensional stability or physical properties. TECASON® PMT is available in several colored and transparent grades, as well as with our x-ray opaque XRO additive which allows for clear component visibility on fluorscopy and x-ray.

  • Tested to the requirements of ISO 10993
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent heat resistance, Autoclavable
  • Very high resistance to environmental stress
  • Great mechanical strength
  • High dielectric strength and stability
  • Available in opaque and transparent grades

TECASON® P MT series products are targeted at a number of applications in the medical industry.TECASON® P MT is often used in applications for surgical tools and instruments because of its resistance to autoclave sterilization damage. A second market for TECASON®, it is also a popular material choice for trials used in joint replacement surgeries.

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