Tygon® Anti-Microbrial Treatment

Modern Plastics offers an Anti-Microbial Tubing treatment through Tygon® that can be applied to many of the tubing products they sell. The custom compounding capabilities allow Tygon® to produce anti-microbial versions of many of their tubing products, including Tygon®, Norprene®, Vendflow®, and Tygothane®. Tubing can be treated on the inner surface at the point of fluid contact, or the entire tube can be treated in cases where bacteria buildup on the OD is a concern.

Cleaning procedures, such as washing with detergent and hot water, can kill microbes but this process can be time-consuming and costly and does not provide residual protection against fresh contamination. The additional use of a durable and safe anti-microbial treatment is the best way to provide protection against microbial contamination. Offering your customer this enhanced protection adds additional value to your product.

Click here to download Tygon® Anti-microbial Tubing specification sheet.

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