Ultem Plate, Rod, Sheet, and Tube

Modern Plastics is one of the largest distributors of Ultem 1000 and Ultem 2300. Our company motto is “Whatever it takes” to keep you happy and satisfied with our service and products.

Tough and Rigid at High Temperatures

Ultem® Polyetherimide is a high-performance polymer that maintains its high strength and rigidity when exposed to high temperatures with long-term heat resistance. It is an amber transparent polymer that is low smoke generating and resistant to flame carrying a V-O flammability rating.

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Ultem® 1000 unfilled is resistant to UV and gamma radiation and outperforms in hot air and water environments. It retains 85% of its 16, 500 psi tensile strength after 10,000 hours of immersion in boiling water and 100% of its tensile strength after 2000 cycles in a steam autoclave and 270 degrees. Because it can withstand repeated sterilization and is available in FDA compliant colors it performs extremely well in medical reusable applications.

Ultem® 1000 is just one of hundreds of high-performance plastics we carry. Modern Plastics offers unmatched custom plastics fabrication services when you need them at a price you can afford. By using the latest technology and the highest quality standards in our modern plastics fabrication facilities, we can ensure on-time delivery, whether your order is a single prototype or requires high-volume production.

Our expert staff has extensive experience in supplying the highest-quality custom-crafted plastics products for all types of commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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