Product Description UltraTuf™ CX & CXD

UltraTuf CX is a unique co-polyester alloy formulated for increased impact strength, clarity and notch sensitivity improvements. It can be used for a number of applications, including POP displays, face shields, fluorescent covers and the architectural glazing market.

UltraTuf CX-D provides customers with the same excellent clarity and impact strength of the original, but also provides superior weatherability and UV-resistance.

Modern Plastics Ultra Tuf CX

Value Solution

UltraTuf CX and CX-D provide customers with a powerful combination of high impact strength and superior clarity.

UltraTuf’s excellent thermoforming capabilities make it the perfect solution for a variety of market segments.

UltraTuf CX-D is recommended for weatherable applications where impact strength is an important factor.

Key Characteristics

The primary benefits of UltraTuf CX and UltraTuf CX-D are:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High impact strength – Creates durable, tough parts that will not deform or strain under stress
  • Excellent formability
  • Clarity – Up to 93% light transmittance
  • Superior weathering capabilities (UltraTUF CX-D)

Markets and End-Use Applications

Architectural Design

  • Skylights, light fixtures, architectural elements

Retail Marketing/Display

  • Point of purchase displays, kiosks, store fixtures, vending faces, and display cases


  • Machine guards, safety visors


  • Modern Plastics supplies Ultra Tuf CX CD from Polyone.
  • Polyone:  Website

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