Modern Plastics has the unique capability of providing cast nylon to custom mill shapes, cast blanks, near net shapes or cast to size finished parts. Cast Nylon is an extremely versatile thermoplastic resin. It can contribute significantly to weight and noise reduction, lubrication savings, and gear life extension and as an engineering material, cast nylon is highly resistant to impact, wear, and vibration. Its physical properties and price point make it a superior choice over metal and rubber in many mechanical applications. Cast nylon has almost limitless production possibilities. It is easy to machine and fabricate since part size and thickness are almost unlimited without degradation of the material. Additives such as glass, oil, or Kevlar® fiber can be mixed in during processing to strengthen the final product. Cast nylon is available in a wide variety of colors, including black, blue, dark gray, green, and natural. To facilitate branding efforts, many companies prefer a custom cast nylon color. Cast nylon also meets FDA standards