You may remember Ensinger from a prior post, but, just in case you could use a refresher, they were founded in 1966 by Wilfried Ensinger and have since become a massive, international powerhouse. One of this wonderful company’s most fantastic products has to be the Acetal homopolymer Delrin (polyoxymethylene). Compared with Delrin, in many areas, other polymers simply don’t stack up in terms of density, chemical resistance, compression strength, shear strength, rigidity and other vital areas. From rods to plexiglass sheets (polymethylmethacrylate) and more, Delrin is engineered to suit your needs. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of the industries in which Delrin is applied. You should soon see how it fares against the competition.Why Delrin?

A crystalline plastic offered by the experts at Ensinger, Delrin provides a superb balance of properties. The lines between metal and plastic are blurring, with Delrin exploiting the strong suits of both materials to the fullest. It possesses great toughness, creep resistance and tensile strength. Low moisture absorption couples with a chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, neutral chemicals and solvents. Many industries are well-served by the tremendous fatigue endurance of Delrin. Of course, the natural grade is engineered from FDA-, NSF- and USDA-compliant resin.

With a density of 1.41 g/cm3 and a melting point of 175 degrees centigrade (347 Fahrenheit), Delrin is a thermoplastic ideally suited to precision parts applications that require a high threshold for stiffness while also demanding trend-setting dimensional stability and low friction rates. The higher crystallinity, in tandem with the above-mentioned superior mechanical properties, allow this compound to outstrip its opponents, as well as other Acetal polymers and Acrylic, in many areas.

Industry Applications

Though Delrin can be molded to service so many different needs, from plexiglass sheets, folders and even harpsichord plectrums, it is absolutely perfectly suited to rod-shaped applications. Delrin can do it all: rollers, wear strips, bushings and a multitude of other applications that require a balance of high strength, low moisture absorption, great dimensional stability and chemical resistance. Washers, ball bearings and coin rings are a few more of the myriad possible ways to exploit the refined pliability of Delrin. Found in use throughout a wide array of fields, including the automotive, electrical engineering, construction and healthcare industries (to name a select few), the ultimate boundaries to Delrin’s versatility are the client’s drive and imagination.

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