Better Physical Properties & Suitable for Food Contact

July 2016 – Ensinger now has new &  improved TECATRON PPS stock shapes for industrial applications.

While TECATRON PPS has always exhibited particularly good chemical resistance and high purity, this enhanced version maintains those characteristics and also exhibits increases in Tensile strength, Tensile Modulus, and improved Elongation properties.

These property enhancements should result in finished parts that are tougher, more resilient, and easier for end users to machine.

Click Here for comparative information the new and improved Tecatron PPS.

Initially, TECATRON PPS will be stocked in both rod and plate.  Opportunities exist to expand the market for this product line in such industries as food processing and the energy industry.  For instance, because of the material’s excellent chemical resistance and machinability, Ensinger has found applications in fuel cell technology.  The above picture shows a fuel cell end plate.

Continuous Improvement

In addition to physical enhancements, TECATRON is now also suitable for applications that require food contact and can be supplied with the appropriate compliance certifications.

Because of Ensinger’s commitment to continuous improvement, we are constantly looking for ways to provide better value which includes constant critical evaluations of our services, processes and even our oldest and most successful product lines.

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