From GE Advanced Materials, we offer the new family of transparent, solar-control glazing products, available in both solid sheet and multi-wall polycarbonate sheet that significantly reduces solar transmission while simultaneously offering high levels of light transmission, helping save energy costs for cooling and lighting buildings. The solid product is called Lexan* Exell Solar Control IR sheet, and the multi-wall product is called Lexan* Thermoclear Solar Control IR sheet. Also, these products may offer customers all the advantages of standard Lexan* sheet, including impact resistance, superior lightweight strength, and design freedom.

Both solid and multiwall products can be excellent candidates for roof domes, skylights, walkways, conservatories, and other buildings where it is desirable to admit high levels of light while keeping excess heat to a minimum. Additionally, the solid sheet product can be used for public transportation applications, such as train and bus glazing. Previous solar-control glazing, the only polymer alternative, used a screen-printed coating or a co-extruded layer on one side of the sheet to absorb IR transmissions. But the coating and co-extruded layer made the glazing translucent – at best – or opaque, greatly reducing light transmission. Hence, architects who wanted to use polymer glazing had to choose between light transparency and solar control. They could not find both properties in one product unless they went to expensive solar controlled glass. It’s unlikely that other thermal management, polymer-based glazing provides both the level of effectiveness in blocking (absorbing) infrared heat and high transparency to visible light as GE’s new Lexan* Solar Control sheet products.

GE Advanced Materials’ model-scale energy consumption studies at the Welch Technology Center in India show that by using Lexan* Solar Control IR sheet, interior heat build up can be reduced significantly, which could result in 25%-40% energy savings in a temperature controlled environment.

The Lexan* Solar Control sheet materials are transparent with a green tint, which lets in high levels of light but blocks near-infra-red heat. Instead of using fragile and expensive coatings, which can be damaged during handling and installation, Lexan* Solar Control sheet contains proprietary resin additives used to manage heat. Because the additive technology is inherent to the polymer, solar control properties are permanent. Additionally, Lexan* Solar Control IR sheet is UV protected on both sides, which can help installers reduce losses due to installation errors.

Due to its ability to be cold formed and/or thermoformed without losing impact or weathering properties, this new glazing may offer outstanding design freedom. Both versions of Lexan* Solar Control IR sheet come with a 10-year written limited warranty against yellowing, reduction of light or solar transmission properties, and breakage due to hail impact. Lexan* Solar Control IR sheet products are available in all standard gauges and dimensions.

Product Range

Lexan* Exell-D SC IR sheet is normally manufactured in the standard sizes listed below. Deliveries from stock or cut to size can be ordered via our customer service organization.

Standard gauge:

3.00 mm , 6.00mm and 8.00mm ( other gauges possible upon request with a max. of 12.00mm )

Standard sizes: Masking:

2050 x 3050 mm Top side: Co-ex opal white PE/ purple print
2050 x 6050 mm Bottom side : Co-ex transparent PE clear

Light Transmission

Transparent Lexan* Exell-D SC IR sheets have an excellent light transmission and solar-transmission Colour : Natural GN8A081T at 3.00mm LT value : 74 % ( +/- 4% ) Solar Transmission 61% (max.68%)* Colour : Natural GN9A047T at 3.00mm LT value : 63 % ( +/-4% ) Solar transmission 50% (max. 55%)+

UV Protection

Lexan* Exell-D SC IR sheet has proprietary UV protected surfaces, giving excellent durability to outdoor weathering. Exell-D SC IR is essential opaque to all wave lengths below 385 nanometers. This useful shielding property can prevent discoloration of sensitive materials placed under or behind Lexan* Exell-D SC IR sheet.

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* Lexan is a trademark of General Electric Company.