GE’s Lexgard* bullet resistant laminates, line of transparent armor products helps provide ballistic, bomb blast, natural disaster and forced entry protection for a wide variety of flat glazing.

Lexgard* laminates are composite sheets that possess bullet-resistant qualities that may withstand multi-shot assault, absorbing the total impact energy without dangerous spalling. Lexgard* laminates combine abrasion resistant Margard* II surfaces with UV-coating technology to enhance the total life of the sheet. Depending on the application, Lexgard* laminates can be used alone or in component air gap systems utilizing laminated glass in combination with Lexgard* laminates. Appropriately matched to specific levels of threat, Lexgard* laminates and component systems help to provide transparent ballistic protection. They can be used in retail, financial, corporate and government buildings, as well as in correctional facilities. With their unique multi-layer construction, Lexgard* laminates may withstand both physical attack and gunfire from weapons ranging from 9mm Hand Guns to 7.62mm NATO High-Power Rifles.

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While no material or system can indefinitely withstand repeated assault by guns, sledgehammers, blow torches or other weapons, the exceptional performance of Lexgard* laminates can help to give you the time you need to protect your people and take appropriate action. Today’s security threats go beyond physical and ballistic attack. Detonated blasts are a new and violent risk for some establishments. Provided that the building structure and sash system design are consistent with the security requirements, the inherent impact strength of Lexgard* laminates help provide protection against many of the overpressures and fragments associated with explosions.

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Features of Lexgard* laminates:

  • UL-listed bullet resistance — can absorb full ballistic impact without penetration. Will not pulverize or spall into sharp, dangerous shards.
  • Warranty — warranted against abrasion, yellowing, coating failure and structural delamination.*
  • Multi-shot capability — can stop even close-grouped shots, maximizing full vision.
  • High impact, stress-free lamination — will not spider, crack or white-out on impact, providing vision after ballistic or physical attack. Eliminates costly replacement of broken glass.
  • Abrasion-resistant surface — easy to maintain while enhancing long-term appearance. Even graffiti is easily removed.
  • Lightweight, easily fabricated — the lightest weight/highest performing, bullet-resistant product available – requires no added support to walls or counters.
  • Easy to install — can be cut to complex shapes for transaction ports, speaker holes, etc.
  • Major model building code approved — ICBO, BOCA and SBCCI listed as CC1 flame reading (MP 750 is listed CC2).
  • Installed in applications for over 20 years — a proven product with documented performance.

* Lexgard and Margard are trademarks of General Electric Company.