by Bing Carbone

Evonik’s VESTAKEEP® implantable PEEK products have quickly become the forerunner in medical implant technology. Availability and distribution of this material has led to breakthroughs in care and patient outcomes that limit the negative impacts of other implantable materials like metals.

Desirable qualities of  VESTAKEEP® implantable PEEK that make it excel in an internal setting include its remarkable stability both to chemical and thermal exposures, as well as its high biocompatibility and low cytotoxicity by meeting FDA required ISO-10993 requirements. The chances of adverse reactions to PEEK implants are thus much lower than most other materials available on the market.

A variety of raw forms also increases the range of fabrication methods and practical applications for PEEK products. Anyone who serves the medical industry or who is interested in furthering research for implant technology could benefit greatly from exploring all of the uses implantable PEEK holds.

A Full Range of Possibilities

VESTAKEEP® implantable PEEK’s properties make it useful in countless applications. Since it mimics the overall tactile characteristics of bone, it can fit naturally even in sensitive use cases..

Unlike metal implants, implantable PEEK has a higher modulus of elasticity to give recipients a natural range of motion while avoiding the added mechanical load alternative materials often place on adjacent bones and tissues. This prevents a restricted healing process or a higher incidence of deterioration typically seen with alternative implant materials.

Another desirable quality of implantable PEEK products is that they have x-ray transparency, allowing physicians and medical staff to chart the healing progress and the condition of the tissues surrounding the implant over time without obstruction.

All of these qualities allow for diverse implementation of implantable PEEK products. PEEK remains a top choice for spinal implants because of its similar physical characteristics to bone. Coating-readiness allows for the inclusion of substances, like titanium, to encourage bone on-growth.

For cranial-maxillofacial implants, PEEK avoids the problems seen in products like cobalt chrome related to sensitivity to temperature changes. Low thermal conductivity ensures that patients remain comfortable and not dwelling on the impact the implant has on their life.

Outstanding mechanical performance and electrical isolation characteristics make PEEK products popular in cardiovascular applications as well. Of course, PEEK is extremely viable in orthopedic and dental applications, too. It can completely mimic the look and texture of real human bone or teeth, as well as gingiva, in an extremely durable and bio-stable product.

Acquiring Implantable PEEK Products through Modern Plastics

Modern Plastics has recently been announced as the key distributer of VESTAKEEP® medical PEEK in all of North America. Our climate-controlled sterile storage facility represents one of the most concerted efforts to preserve the safety and viability of medical plastic materials.

We can offer implantable VESTAKEEP® PEEK in a variety of media. Resin granules offer the perfect format for injection molding or extrusion in your desired viscosity. We also provide VESTAKEEP® PEEK in powder form for compounding or compression molding applications. Stock shapes, such as rods and plates are available for the machining of larger orthopedic implants or special applications.

Modern Plastics abides by strict ISO-13485 compliant standards and also barcodes each raw product along rigorous documentation for the transparency and accountability that the medical field deserves. Consider using Modern Plastics for acquiring VESTAKEEP® implantable PEEK products in whatever volume or format you need. Your patients can be kept safe and happy through the combined efforts Modern Plastics and Evonik undergoes to deliver only the highest-quality medical plastics.


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