by Bing Carbone

Businesses looking for custom plastic material solutions often have few places to turn. Modern Plastics caters to this need with a high-quality custom fabrication process that produces unique materials in nearly any plastic polymer on the market. Whether you want a specific plastic component as a small piece of your overall product or you want us to fabricate the entire exterior housing for your product in a way that fits your specific branding image and design language, we can comply with your needs.
To find out more about how our company came to fulfill this role and how we work hard to serve our clients in exceptional ways, here is more information about our work and our company:

How We Came to Be

Modern Plastics has a long and storied history that starts back towards the beginning of the 20th century. You can read more about our story in another blog post, but the short version is that we have always been on the cutting edge of material distribution and, eventually, fabrication.
Our love affair with plastics began in the 1950s when they were first called “thermosets.” In 1961, when a company called Rohm and Haas debuted a product named “Plexiglas” to the world, we were one of the first companies to distribute the material on a large scale. Basically, our company has evolved along with plastics. Together we have both helped usher in a new era of material fabrication and distribution on a global scale.

Custom Solutions for Every Unique Application

We quickly grew from a mere distributor of plastics to engineers of bespoke plastic products. What began as precise cutting of Plexiglas to meet specific client requests has now blossomed into raw-material-to-finished-product manufacturing cycles that can run the gamut from custom mold construction and casting to milling and lathing from solid blocks of material.
Every step of our process uses state-of-the-art techniques to achieve the most accurate results and a final product that delivers on expectations down to the letter. Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs help us develop a working 3D virtual model of the product so that we can determine the most efficient and cost-effective method to fabricate it. This step also ensures that the product can meet the rigors of its specific application.
We also engage in some of the most thorough and effective quality control measures possible to deliver a high-grade product that remains consistent no matter how many units were requested. As a certified participant in ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards, we periodically evaluate our system and revise it to comply with the latest innovations in both our fabrication process and our corporate practices. Since “a strong customer focus” is one of the tenets of the certification program, our compliance also ensures that we will do everything we can to deliver not just a high-quality product, but also a high-quality experience for our clients.

A World Leader in Plastics Distribution

Since those cold winter days that our founder was forced to labor in a freezing shop with only a single potbellied stove as heat, we have grown quite a bit. We are now international distributors of plastic goods and custom-fabricated products to such iconic brands as Lockheed Martin, Boston Scientific, the Ford Motor Company and Walt Disney World Resorts.
Put yourself in some of the best hands possible by seeking solutions to your custom plastic material needs through us. Visit our services page to see the wide array of methods in which we cater to our customers and exceed their expectations.