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If you are looking for a product that can stand up to the heat, then you might be in the market to buy Ultem. Ultem resin is a high-performance polymer that is capable of maintaining its strength and rigidity when exposed to both high temperatures and long term heat exposure.

Modern Plastics is the first source you should think of when ordering these types of high-performance products for two main reasons:

  1. ISO certification and
  2. traceable documentation.

High Performance Demands High Accountability

The kind of industries that demand the performance that Ultem offers are going to need to have accountability when it comes to their products. This means being able to trace back to their supplier to ensure that the products they are buying are of the highest quality and can stand up to the punishing environments to which the end product is going to be subjected. Even the slightest flaw can cause a catastrophic failure that could lead to damage, costly repairs or even injuries. That is why your supplier needs to both be consistent and accountable.

ISO Certifications

Modern Plastics is both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified. Both of these certifications directly relate to quality management and the quality process at Modern Plastics.

ISO 9001 certification means that you can trust us to deliver overall quality goods. Processes are in place to keep checking that the quality system is working and does not slip over time. This includes independent verification of quality systems by a certification body at periodic intervals to ensure that quality programs are being upheld over time.

ISO 13485 ensures that the quality standards are high enough for medical devices. In order to sell Ultem for medical applications, regulatory requirements, as well as customer requirements, must be met on a regular basis. This certification provides you, the customer, assurance that Modern Plastics is able to uphold the highest level of quality control needed for items used in the medical field.


Along with high quality, another requirement is traceability. This ensures that a customer is not only getting a quality product but that the product has been tested and that testing has been documented for the Ultem that is being sold to them. We offer several types of reports with each order of Ultem:

  • Medical Plastic Certifications: These are supplied with all shipments when required.
  • Standard Material Certifications: Can be supplied upon request. These include testing to ASTM, Military, Federal or other testing standards that are needed.
  • Actual Test Reports: These are the results of tests that are performed on individual lots of Ultem. Please request these prior to placing the order.

If you are looking for quality plastic for medical or high-performance results, then Modern Plastics is your supplier. Take a look at the wide range of products we offer and contact us today to place an order!

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