From ENSINGER-HYDE, Modern Plastics offers TECAMAX® SRP, a self-reinforced polyphenylene material based on PrimoSpire™ SRP from Solvay Advanced Polymers. TECAMAX® SRP exhibits dimensional stability and scratch and abrasion resistance and is very highly resistant to chemicals and solvents. It features excellent mechanical properties, even at cryogenic temperatures. Non-flammable and heat stable to 400°C, TECAMAX® SRP is 200 to 800 percent stronger and more rigid than other unreinforced thermoplastics.

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Video 1 – Acetylene Torch Test – TECAMAX® does not burn!

Video 2 – Ease of Machining – On the lathe, TECAMAX® does not blister or degrade.

Video 3 – Ease of Machining – TECAMAX® can be milled aggressively without warping.

Easily machined with conventional tools to the tightest tolerances, TECAMAX® SRP is suitable for manufacturing flanges, pipes, bearings, and gears, where lightness is important, as well as stability and precision. TECAMAX® SRP is the preferred material in a variety of medical technology, aeronautics and space electronics, automotive, and mechanical engineering applications.

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