Material Barcoding of All Plastics

Modern Plastics barcodes all of its plastic raw materials using state-of-the-art computer technology.

All incoming material is inspected upon arrival, cross-checked with the manufacturer’s bar-coding labels, and then each and every piece of material is affixed a Modern Plastics barcode label with an individual control number. When

When material is cut and restocked, a new bar code label is affixed to the remaining material containing the same control number from the master sheet size.

So what does this mean to you as a customer?

Quite simply, it is the only way to ensure material integrity and verify that we ship you the exact type, grade, color, thickness, pattern and brand of plastic you specified and requested.

This not only means that we can discern Delrin® Natural Rod from Acetron® GP Natural Rod (they look exactly the same), but it also allows us to provide complete material traceability back to the particular manufacturer from whom the material was purchased (and their internal batch and lot numbers).

If your current supplier is not providing this type of “traceability” control for the stock you purchase, then, do you really know what material is being shipped to you?

It is innovative technology like this which sets Modern Plastics’ services apart from other plastic distributors and fabricators.

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