Nylon Custom Casting

To be a candidate for custom casting, a component should have:

  • A continuous operating temperature (in use environment) between -40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93°C)
  • Continuous working stress that does not exceed 3,500 psi
  • A finished part size between 4 oz. and 800 lbs. (equivalent to a 5,600 lb. steel part)
  • Sufficient completely or detail to make machining from a stock shape too costly.

Modern Plastics has the unique capability of providing cast nylon to custom mill shapes, cast blanks, near net shapes or cast to size finished parts. Using this technology, many designers have reduced the total cost to manufacture engineered components. Custom cast nylon parts often effectively replace machined plastic parts, sand cast metal parts, and multipart metal assemblies.

Custom casting offers a manufacturing alternative that bridges the plastic fabrication methods of machining from stock shapes and injection molding of thermoplastic parts. It is ideal for small and medium quantity production runs of parts too large or too costly to injection mold.

Nylatron® and Monocast® (MC®) cast nylons produce tough, strong, resilient, and highly wear resistant parts that cost effectively replace bronze, brass, iron, steel and aluminum in many heavy-duty industrial applications.

Custom cast parts are made by a proprietary monomer casting process in which liquid monomer is directly polymerized into nylon polymer in the mold. Parts of virtually unlimited size and thickness, retaining internal soundness can be produced by Custom Casting. Eleven ft. tall slide bars and six feet diameter dryer gear rings that weigh 250 lbs. are just a few of the very large parts Quadrant has produced using Custom Casting. Four inch bearings, bottle handling cams, and gear blanks cast over steel cores are also cost-effectively cast to a near net size, saving machining and assembly time and material costs.

Custom Casting Options

Custom Mill Shape

Custom sizes of rod, sheet, tubular bar.

  • Large selection of tooling already available
  • Limitless size availability
  • Lowest cost tooling of any process

Best Choice When You Have:

  • Less than 100 pieces, or intricate parts that must be machined.

Near Net Shapes

Castings of close to finish dimensions, supplied sufficiently over size for finish machining.

  • Minimal machining required
  • Can cast non-critical dimensions
  • Most efficient use of material

Best Choice When You Have:

  • 100-1,000 part requirement or when multiple parts are possible from a single near net shape.


Cast to Size

Castings the part to complete or nearly finished dimensions. Parts may require no machining, or machining only on critical dimensions.

  • Minimal or no finish machining required
  • Economical on moderate run sizes

Best Choice When You Have:

  • Quantities of 1,000 or more per year, or parts that cannot be injection molded due to high tooling cost, geometry, or size.

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