AC-300™ Acrylic (General Purpose Grade)

Modern Plastics carries AC-300 Acrylic, a plastic sheet product that controls static electricity in many applications, including windows, doors, machine covers and enclosures, and fabricated desiccators and cabinets. It is a premium quality acrylic sheet coated with SciCron Technologies clear, C-300 static dissipative coating which prevents charge generation on the sheet surfaces. This controls particulate attraction and prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD) events completely independent of humidity. AC-300 Acrylic fabricates simply, is light in weight and is available in large sheet sizes. It has excellent optical properties, chemical resistance, surface hardness and mar resistance.

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Notable properties:

  • Cannot be tribocharged when properly grounded Prevents build-up of static charge and accumulation of harmful contamination.
  • Electrostatic decay in less than 0.05 second per Federal Test Standard 101C, Method 4046.1 results in rapid static dissipation without arcing.
  • Surface resistivity of 106 – 108 ohms per square provides for ESD control without the need for ionization.
  • Permanence in static dissipation performance avoids cost of application of temporary topical anti-stats.
  • Humidity independent static charge control avoids inconvenience of maintaining high levels of humidity and damage caused by such humidity.
  • Advanced technology, uniform surface treatment avoids conductive discontinuities (charged “hot spots”) often found with non-uniform temporary topical anti-stats.
  • Excellent optical properties C-300 surface provides excellent clarity for optimum use of available light.
  • Superior chemical resistance reduces risk of solvent or chemical surface damage.
  • Hard, mar resistant, durable surface C-300 surface, harder than the base plastic, reduces risk of damage to the sheet surfaces.
  • Superior fabrication characteristics results in optimum workability during part fabrication.

AC-300 Acrylic resists tribocharging under all circumstances and cannot generate a charge when properly grounded. This makes it ideal for use in manufacturing and assembly operations for charge sensitive electronic components where it can help prevent both immediate and latent ESD caused defects. Since it resists charge build-up it does not attract contaminants, so it can also help prevent contamination-related rejects in ultra-clean manufacturing operations. Consequently, it is suitable for use in the semi-conductor, electronic, and micro-manufacturing industries. Typical applications include; covers, windows, doors, and access panels for electronic equipment, machines and instruments; fabricated desiccators, cabinets, and boxes; transparent room partitions and pass-thru modules; process equipment enclosures; and mini-environment glazing panels. The product also has many general industrial uses, including protection for static charge sensitive manufacturing devices and control of spark discharge in explosive environments.

AC-300 Acrylic, in cell cast type, is available in clear and a variety of standard transparent colors including tints which filter wave-lengths that can interfere with processing opera-tions. White translucent and colored opaque grades are also available. Continuously cast and extruded types are available in some sizes and thicknesses upon request. Note: Cell cast is a premium form of acrylic plastic but it has a wider thickness variation than other acrylic types. Therefore, continuously cast or extruded material should be specified if a narrow thickness tolerance range is required.

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