Super tough, durable KYDEX® 152WG sheet brings new dimensions to membrane pressers in: extensibility, rigidity, abrasion resistance and fire retardancy.

General Information

This high performance thermoplastic sheet is available in several aesthetically pleasing woodgrain patterns; each substrate color is custom matched to compliment the woodgrain cap. It rates Class I/A when tested according to the ASTM E-84, the Steiner Tunnel Test, and V-0 when independently tested to Underwriters Laboratories, Inc® Std 94 testing.

Suggested Applications

  • Exhibits & Displays
  • Store Fixture Components
  • Kiosk Housings
  • Contract Furniture Components
  • Miscellaneous Applications


  • More rigid than most thermoplastics so parts will deform less when loaded
  • Outstanding resistance to breakage
  • Superior scratch and abrasion resistance as evidenced by Hoffman Scratch and Taber Abrasion tests
  • Substrate of complimentary color camouflages gouges
  • Rated Class I/A according to ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test in independent laboratory testing (thicknesses less than 1.00mm (0.040”))
  • Rated V-0 in all thicknesses and colors when independently tested to Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc® Standard 94
  • Available in 13 popular wood grain patterns

Print Width

KYDEX® WG 3D Laminate is offered with a range of decorative options via lamination of printed films. KYDEX, LLC purchases these printed films from various suppliers whose production capabilities differ. Among these production variations is the print width.

While many film designs print at least 1346.2mm (53”) of coverage, KYDEX purchases some designs with less print width (due to the manufacturer’s printing capabilities). Please contact your KYDEX sales or customer service representative for the print width availability of a specific design.

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