Kynar 740

Kynar® 740, an engineering thermoplastic that offers the stable characteristics of a fluoropolymer, as well as mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and high purity. Kynar® 740 PVDF sheets & rods also offer excellent chemical resistance, UV radiation resistance and low permeability. PVDF can be used in the semiconductor, pulp and paper, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for nuclear waste, and chemical and food processing. Kynar® 740 sheets feature double-masked surface, fully traceable and verifiable resin, chemical-resistance, and UV-stability. Sheets measure 4 x 8 ft with thicknesses from 1/8–1 in. Sheet features tolerance consistency per ASTM D6713-01 and combustibility approvals by FM 4910, UL2360, and ASTM E84
Kynar® is a registered trademark of Elf Atochem

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