LEXGARD® Laminates, MPC500 Sheet, “Protection for People and Property” -manufactured by GE Structured Products is the authentic, world renowned, quality brand-name security laminate material offered to you by Modern Plastics.

This manual attack resistant LEXGARD® laminates are composite sheets that can withstand assault, absorbing the total impact energy without dangerous spalling. LEXGARD® laminates combine abrasion-resistant MARGARD® II surfaces with UV-coating technology to enhance the total life of the sheet.

Appropriately matched to specific levels of threat, LEXGARD® laminates provide transparent ballistic protection.

(LEXGARD® MPC500 is used to resist manual attack) – See our other LEXGARD products for Bullet resistant applications.

LEXGARD® laminates are widely used in retail, financial, corporate, embassies, government buildings, automobile and military windshield security, as well as correctional facilities. While no material or system can indefinitely withstand repeated assault by guns, sledgehammers, blow torches or other weapons, the exceptional performance of LEXGARD® laminates gives you the time you need to protect your people or take the appropriate action.

SPECIAL SHIPPING NOTICE: Please note that this item cannot be shipped by UPS and other small package carriers. This item, shipped in its full size width and length will need to ship via “common carrier” (Truck). Your order will incur additional shipping expense and or handling fees. Modern Plastics will e-mail you with approximate shipping costs prior to processing your order.

Engineering specifications for LEXGARD® Laminates, MPC500 Clear Sheet products include:

  • Catalog Number: MPC500
  • Gauge/Tolerance: .530″ +/-5%
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs per square foot

Download LEXGARD® Laminates Brochures:

LEXGARD Laminate – Proven Products, Documented Performance

LEXGARD Laminates – Security for Forced Entry, Bullet and Bomb-Resistant Applications

LEXGARD Laminate Fabrication and Installation Guide

LEXGARD Laminates with MARGARD II Surface Warranty

Material Notes:

In order to maintain the brilliant luster of LEXGARD® laminate sheet proper cleaning techniques are required. Use only (Modern Magic® MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths) for usage on all polycarbonate sheet products. (See related products)

Modern Plastics carries a broad of array of accessories for working with LEXAN® polycarbonate sheet such as cements, solvent applicators, strip heaters for bending, circular saw and jigsaw blades, special drill bits, cloths and cleaners – See our ACCESSORIES category products.

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LEXGARD® Laminates is manufactured by and is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.

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