Nylatron XL

Nylatron® nylon machineable shapes and parts have provided machinery builders (OEMs) and maintenance operations (MRO or users) the standard by which tough, durable wear components such as bearings, bushings, gears and sprockets have been judged for the past 30 years. Nylatron® wear pads can be found in the extending booms of most telescoping-boom, mobile cranes. Nylatron® bushings can be found at pivot points in construction equipment ranging from man-lifts to heavy duty dump trucks to excavators to agricultural equipment such as spreaders and seeders. Machined Nylatron® gears have been used in braiding machinery, machine tools and even the newest automotive electronic power steering systems. Nylatron® nylon sheaves are carrying the load at the boom point of nearly every mobile hydraulic crane and carrying the load of the world’s largest locomotives eliminating metal to metal rubbing in the trucks of passenger and freight locomotives.
tick-slip free wear pads

Nylaton® 703XL, introduced in 2002 is the newest material developed specifically for wear pads used in telescoping booms and axles. 703XL is type 6 cast nylon compounded with a series of solid lubricants in order to eliminate stick-slip tendencies common to many nylon-based wear pad materials. This grade offers the lowest coefficient of friction and a static and dynamic COF that is nearly identical. This consistent COF is a benefit to linear motion applications requiring precision of motion and location.

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