TECAFORM® FG Blue is Ensinger’s new blue colored acetal designed specifically for the food industry. TECAFORM® is resistant to hot water, and typical cleaning chemicals, and it possesses good bearing and wear properties. Its blue color makes it more visible than standard grades. TECAFORM® is commonly used as bushings, rollers, wear strips and other applications requiring a combination of strength, low moisture absorption, chemical resistance and dimensional stability.

  • No centerline porosity
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Excellent machinability
  • Good combination of mechanical properties
  • Resistance to food industry cleaning chemicals
    TECAFORM® FG BLUE is resistant to aqueous solutions with pH values ranging from 4 to 14.
  • Good wear and abrasion properties
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Good property retention at elevated temperatures

TECAFORM® is used in a wide variety of food industry applications requiring good strength and toughness, dimensional stability, wear resistance and the ability to operate in a wet environment with little absorption. Material handling, filling and bottling equipment are some of the common machines utilizing TECAFORM®’s combination of properties. Typical applications are gears, wear strips, bushings, pump parts, fittings and rollers.

Properties Condition Value Test Method Comment
Mechanical Modulus of elasticity (tensile test) @ 73°F 380,000 psi ASTM D 638
Tensile strength at yield @ 73°F 8,800 psi ASTM D 638
Elongation at break @ 73°F 25 % ASTM D 638
Flexural Strength @ 73°F 11,000 psi ASTM D 790
Modulus of elasticity (flexural test) @ 73°F 360,000 psi ASTM D 790
Compression strength @ 73°F 4,500 psi ASTM D 695
Impact strength (Izod) @ 73°F 1.0 ft-lbs/in ASTM D 256
Rockwell hardness M Scale 86 ASTM D 785
Coeffecient of friction Dynamic, 40 psi, 50 fpm 0.21 % ASTM D 3702 1) 1) Injection molded data
Wear rate Against Steel, 40 psi, 50 fpm 65*10-10 in3-min/ft-lbs-hr ASTM D 3702 1)
Thermal Melting temperature 329 °F ASTM D 2133
Deflection temperature @ 66 psi 316 °F ASTM D 648
Deflection temperature @ 264 psi 230 °F ASTM D 648
Service temperature Intermittent 285 °F
Service temperature Long term 195 °F
Thermal expansion (CLTE) 4.7*10-5 in/in/°F ASTM D 696
Electrical Volume resistivity 1.0*1014 Ω*/square ASTM D 257
Dielectric strength 500 Ω*cm ASTM D 149
Dielectric loss factor @ 60 Hz, 73°F 0.001 ASTM D 150
Other Moisture absorption @ 24 hrs, 73°F 0.22 % ASTM D 570
Moisture absorption @ saturation, 73°F 0.8 % ASTM D 570
Flammability (UL94) HB 2) 2) Estimiated

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