TECAFORM® UD Blue is the revolutionary new Ultra Detectable acetal copolymer designed specifically for applications in the food industry.


High-speed food production lines detect particulate matter in the food product one of three ways;

  1. Using optical scanners,
  2. metal detection equipment,
  3. or X-ray equipment

TECAFORM® UD Blue is the first engineering thermoplastic that will show up regardless of the scanning method used.

  • Food contact blue in color
  • High visibility of filler
  • Detectable by X-ray or metal detection equipment
  • Plastic chunks as small as 3mm thick detected*
  • Plastic shavings to 1mm thick detected*
  • Easily machined

*Using Standard metal detection equipment

TECAFORM® UD Blue is perfect for a great number of applications in the food industry.

Whether you are looking at food processing, packaging, or conveying, TECAFORM® UD Blue can be an important tool in avoiding costly food product contamination.

Typical applications include filler value and pump parts, forming plates and scraper blades, as well as bushings, bearings, cam followers and other parts.

Properties ASTM Test Method Units TECAFORM®
UD Blue
Specific Gravity
D792 gm/cc 1.61
Tensile Strength @ Yield
D638 psi 8,450
Elongation @ Break
D638 % 7.9
Tensile Modulus
D638 ksi 400
Flexural Strength
D570 psi 13,780
Flexural Modulus
D570 ksi 459
Compressive Strength @ 1% deformation
D695 psi 2,740
Compressive Strength @ 10% deformation
D695 psi 12,650
Compressive Modulus D695 ksi 264
Shear Strength D732 psi
Izod Impact – Notched D256 ft-lbs/in 0.68
Rockwell M Hardness D785 89
Rockwell R Hardness D785
Melting Point
D3418 °F 320
Long Term Service Temperature
°F 212

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