TECAFORM® MT, Polyoxymethylene

TECAFORM® MT is Ensinger’s specially formulated acetal. The material is resistant to multiple cleaning and disinfection agents, and to a number of solvents. It can be steam sterilized by medical industry’s usual methods and will maintain good strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability. Certifications may reference Celcon M-25 resin only.

TECAFORM® MT, Polyoxymethylene (Copolymer Acetal), manufactured by Ensinger is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic offering high strength, stiffness, and toughness.

TECAFORM® MT is typically used in the medical plastics industry and food technology. The material is physiologically harmless and FDA compliant.

TECAFORM® MT is easy to machine, offers no centerline porosity, provides chemical resistance to solvents and fuels, and has excellent mechanical properties.

Modern Plastics stocks an exceptionally large array of TECAFORM® MT rod products in a variety of diameters and colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, rust, gray, hot pink, and black.

All materials are lot-controlled, barcoded and warehoused in clean, controlled climate storage areas.

TECAFORM MT Applications include:

  • Medical Instrument handles
  • Knee trials
  • Prosthesis part testing
  • Gears
  • Housing parts
  • Friction strips
  • Plugs Insulators
  Properties Condition Units Value
Physical Chemical Designation POM
Density g/cm3 1.41
Mechanical Tensile Modulus @ 73 °F PSI 350,000
Tensile Strength @ Yld @ 73 °F PSI 9,500
Tensile Strength @ Brk @ 73 °F PSI 10,000
Shear Strength @ 73 °F PSI
Elongation @ Yld @ 73 °F % 15
Elongation @ Brk @ 73 °F % 35
Flexural Modulus @ 73 °F PSI 425,000
Flexural Strength @ 73 °F PSI 14,500
Compressive Modulus @ 73 °F PSI 290,000
Compressive Strength @ 73 °F, 10% strain PSI 13,500
Izod (charpy) Impact Strength @ 73 °F ft-lbs/in 1.0
Rockwell Hardness @ 73 °F M (R) Scale
Coefficient of Friction Static
Coefficient of Friction Dynamic, 40 PSI, 50 FPM
Wear (K) Factor in3-min/ft-lbs-hr
Limiting PV psi-fpm
Thermal Vicat Softening Point °F
Melting Temperature °F 320
Heat Deflection Temperature @ 66 °F
Heat Deflection Temperature @ 264 °F 230
Service Temperature Intermittent °F 284
Service Temperature Long Term °F 212
Thermal Expansion (CLTE) in/in/°F 5.5*10-5
Specific Heat BTU/lb-°F
Thermal Conductivity BTU-in/hr-ft2-°F
Electrical Surface Resistivity ohms/square 1014
Volume Resistivity ohm-cm 1014
Dielectric Strength V/mil
Dielectric Contant @ 60 HZ, 73 °F, 50% RH 3.5
Dissipation Factor @ 60 Hz, 73 °F
Other Moisture Absorption @ 24 hrs, 73 °F % 0.15
Moisture absorption @ Saturation, 73 °F %
Flammability UL 94 HB
Food Grade Y
Relative Cost $$

TECAFORM® MT is a registered trademark of Ensinger Industries.

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