TECANAT MT by Ensinger

Engineers choose TECANAT MT by Ensinger machine grade Polycarbonate made exclusively* from SABIC Lexan® resin for more than one reason. Tops among those reasons is clarity. Most other machine grade polycarbonates are sold with an unappealing blue tint which decreases visibility. Ensinger TECANAT is water clear with a light transmission index of 88, making it the only choice when the application calls for translucency.

In addition to clarity, there are a number of other reasons engineers prefer Ensinger TECANAT

  • Made from a SABIC Lexan Healthcare grade product that complies with and can be certified to FDA regulations 21CFR177.1580
  • Biocompatibility assessed according to both ISO 10993, and USP class VI
  • Certified Healthcare grades are subject to formula lock and stringent management of change process
  • Compatible for gamma and E-beam sterilization
  • Limited autoclave exposure (1-10 cycles @ 121°C)

Competitive machine grade polycarbonates may not meet these standards, yet Ensinger TECANAT does, and at the same time does not compromise performance on the material considerations typically expected of a polycarbonate.

  • Excellent impact resistance and ductility in practical use conditions
  • Very good dimensional stability, low creep
  • Allows for the machining of tight tolerance parts


  • Filter bowls, reservoirs
  • Site windows
  • Machine guards
  • Collection and separation chambers
  • Manifolds

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