Tecason™ S VF

Modern Plastics offers Tecason™ S VF, a transparent engineering plastic known for its chemical resistance, rigidity, high-temperature performance, and its ability to operate in an autoclave environment. Tecason™S VF is FDA and NSF compliant and holds its excellent mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures.

Tecason™S VF’s unique combination of chemical and hydrolytic resistance, high-temperature performance, good mechanical properties, and agency approvals make it an excellent choice for applications in the pharmaceutical, medical, food service equipment, semiconductor processing, and electronic equipment industries.

Properties of Tecason™ S VF

  • Autoclave resistance
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Superior resistance to creep
  • FDA and NSF compliant
  • High-temperature performance
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • High strength and rigidity
  • Flame retardant

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