Product Description

Tuf-Glas™ is designed as the premier clear rigid sheet for all types of sign applications. It combines exceptional impact strength, clarity and stiffness with outstanding formability and ease of fabrication. Tuf-Glas LD is a light diffusing sheet specifically formulated for LED backlighting. Its brilliant backlit light transmission and light diffusion virtually eliminates LED “hot spots”.

Value Solution

Tuf-Glas is almost seven times more resistant to impact than conventional cast or extruded general purpose
acrylic sheet. This toughness creates durable, long-lasting sign parts. Tuf-Glas’ versatility offers sign manufactureres
a unique blend of clarity, impact strength and ease of fabrication. Tuf-Glas LD provides sign manufacturers with
an excellent light-diffusing material to get rid of pesky LED “hot spots”.

Key Characteristics

  • The primary features and benefits of Tuf-Glas impactmodified
    acrylic sheet are:
  • Very high impact strength – Creates tough, durable parts; nearly 7 times more resistance than cast or general purpose extruded acrylic
  • UV-Resistance – Resistant to surface hazing, discoloration and other weathering effects
  • Ease of fabrication – Acrylic sheet specifically formulated with thermoforming for sign applications in mind
  • Great Depth of Image – Surface is aesthetically pleasing; recommended for aesthetic and paint replacement

Markets and End-Use Applications


For flat or thermoformed outdoor sign faces, channel letter faces, decorated substrates, and other backlit interior and exterior sign applications

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