Tuffak 15

Tuffak 15Extended Abrasion and UV resistance
Tuffak® 15 sheet is a polycarbonate product that offers high impact resistance, weathering life, and optical quality. It provides a clear aesthetic advantage over wire glass and metal screens for security glazing. Tuffak 15 withstands vandalism, forced entry attempts, and accidental impacts to minimize the risk of theft and glass replacement in damage prone areas. Advanced manufacturing technology has resulted in high optical quality with minimal distortion in clear and standard glazing tints. It has an abrasion resistant coating that provides up to twice the life of prior polycarbonate sheet products. Tuffak 15 sheet has a fifteen (15) year Limited Product Warranty against breakage, yellowing, and loss of light transmission. The terms of the warranty are available upon request.

Educational, psychiatric and medical facilities, retail and government buildings, and transportation centers at risk from breakage and vandalism.

*Product formerly known as MAKROLON

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