Tuffak Lumen XT

Tuffak Lumen XTTUFFAK® Lumen XT Sheet is a translucent polycarbonate product with a textured surface on one side specifically designed for lighting lenses. It features a unique combination of high light diffusion and high light transmission through a combination of optimized surface texture and advanced diffuser technologies.

When compared to other light diffusing products such as glass and acrylic, TUFFAK Lumen XT Sheet has superior impact strength and toughness. Its higher flammability resistance and wider service temperature range provide an additional performance advantage over acrylic diffusers.

The wide range of standard diffusion levels as well as both a warm (LW) or a cool (LC) hue offers designers the flexibility to maximize light fixtures’ aesthetics and performance. Other surface textures are available for additional design options.

*Product formerly known as MAKROLON

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