Ultem 2300 Glass-Reinforced Polyetherimide (PEI)

Modern Plastics is an Ensinger Premier distributor and services customer around the world. One great product from them is the Ultem 2300 line, which are extruded stock shapes using Sabic’s Ultem family of PEI resins. Formed into stock shapes by Ensinger during their state-of-the-art extrusion process, the Ultem 2300 series is reinforced with 30 percent glass fibers to add to the already-impressive strength and heat resistance of unfilled Ultem 1000 products.

The final product is often referred to by Ensinger as TECAPEI to refer to its thermoplastic and PEI chemical components.

Renowned Strength and Stability

Ultem 2300 products exceed the capabilities of the Ultem 1000 series of products. They have additional tensile strength and heat resistance up to 340°F (171°C) as a result of the additional reinforcement of glass fibers. In solid form, it can also be easily machined, milled, stamped, painted and metallized using any standard metalworking equipment.

The extremely high rigidity, tensile strength and heat resistance of Ultem 2300 products are further enhanced by their resistance to hydrolysis and acidic solutions. These properties make Ultem 2300 products ideal for high-stress applications in analytical instrumentation and alongside other electrical insulators. Ultem 2300 can also provide structural support in industrial machinery because of its high strength and rigidity.

Another extremely common application of Ultem 2300 products is for medical instruments that require repeated sterilization. Even under thousands of treatments in a 270°F steam autoclave, Ultem 2300 products retain their tensile strength.

Let Modern Plastics Be Your No. 1 Supplier of Ultem 2300 Materials

Modern Plastics aims to be the largest distributor and fabricator of plastic raw materials in the US, including Ultem series products and other TECAPEI derivatives. We provide unparalleled service with the added transparency of practices like rigorous product barcoding.

Clients in need of Ultem 2300 stock shapes such as rods, sheets and films can look to Modern plastics for a reliable supplier to meet their needs. We abide by ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 13485-2016 standards to ensure only the highest quality in both products and service.

Any time you are in need of Ultem 2300 or similar lines of products, simply contact us and we will respond at the next possible moment.

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